Tuna Fishing

Tuna fishing trips from San Sebastian. Swordfish, dolphinfish, bonito... large-sized fish that put up exhausting fights.

Tuna Fishing

An all-round and entertaining type of fishing which takes us further out to sea than any other of our trips. We will fish between 5 and 25 miles (8-40km) out to sea depending on the species of fish and its movements. Bonito take us further away whereas tuna and sarda keep us a little closer to the coastline.

If we decide to head out to fish bonito, the trip will be quite lengthy. On these trips, we also have the opportunity to try and catch dorado, dolphin fish, white marlin or red tuna as well as bonito. During red tuna open season, accidental capture of one red tuna fish over 30kg per boat is permitted. However, during the closed season, if a red tuna were caught the fish would be tagged for the Azti Tecnalia Technological Centre to carry out subsequent studies. During these trips, it is not uncommon to spot dolphins and other cetaceans and even occasionally orcas and whales.

Tour duration options: 4, 8 or 12 hours.

We use three different techniques when fishing for tuna:

Tuna Fishing San Sebastian


The boat engine remains running and we sail at a speed of 6 knots. Ideal for people who suffer seasickness as the constant movement of the boat usually eliminates its effects. A peaceful fishing trip, until the catch!


Spinning, fishing with bait. We use this method when we see the line indicates fish. It consists of casting artificial bait such as poppers to attract and trick the fish into approaching the surface where they take the bait. When we see the fish jumping at the surface we use the same method to catch them.


Also used when the line detects fish. It consists of using artificial bait with different weights to attract the fish up from the deep where we will try to get it to bite. Depending on the fish we want to catch we will use larger or small jigs.