Zumaia's Flysch and Getaria's Mouse. Game of Thrones

Visit the towns of the Basque Country from San Sebastian, Orio, Zarautz, Getaria and Zumaia.
Visit “Dragonstone”, part of the film set of Game of Thrones.

Zumaia's Flysch and Getaria's Mouse

Come and enjoy a fantastic day out with family and friends on this great trip where you can enjoy views of the Basque coastline and its picturesque towns, such as, Zarautz, Getaria, Zumaia, Deba and Mutriku. By boat, we can take advantage of the views of the hidden side of the Mouse of Getaria, which cannot be seen by land. Another highlight of this trip is the scenery of the flysch; located between Zumaia and Mutriku. Regarded as a European geological reserve, these flysch reveal how the Earth has changed over the last 30 million years. The tour includes lunch in Getaria with the possibility of taking a dip in the Cantabrian Sea. Book this unique experience of seeing the Basque coast by sea.

Zumaia's Flysch and Getaria's Mouse - Game of Thrones - Boat Tours