Red Tuna Tagging

Fish for bluefin tuna out of San Sebastian in a private boat. Different methods: Jigging, spin fishing, trolling...

Red Tuna Tagging

Taking us a distance of between 5 and 25 miles (8-40km) out to sea, this type of fishing takes us the far from the coast. As in sport fishing, we return the fish to the water after being measured, tagged and their position marked for future studies of the species to be carried out.

For sport fishing of red tuna we use three different techniques: trolling, spinning and jigging.

A simple fishhook is used in place of a trident hook to enable a quick and easy release for the fish that causes the least harm possible. Fish of between 5-100kg can be caught, although those weighing under 30kg cannot be brought onto the boat for risk of causing them harm. In such cases, we will remove the hook from within the water alongside the boat using pliers.

Tour duration options: 6, 8, 10 or 12 hours.

Red Tuna Tagging San Sebastian - Red Tuna Fishing


The boat engine remains running and we sail at a speed of 6 knots. Ideal for people who suffer seasickness as the constant movement of the boat usually eliminates the effects of seasickness. It’s a peaceful fishing trip, until the catch!


Spinning, fishing with bait. We use this method when we see the line indicates fish. It consists of casting artificial bait such as poppers to attract and trick the fish into to approaching the surface where they take the bait. When we see the fish jumping at the surface we use the same method to catch them.


Also used when the line detects fish. It consists of using artificial bait with different weights to attract the fish up from the deep where we will try to get it to bite. Depending on the fish we want to catch we will use larger or small jigs.